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Clean and Organised Sells Your Home

Clean and Organised Sells Your Home
18 November, 2015 Melissa

Clean and Organised Sells Your Home


Some of us know we are obsessive clean ‘genies’, but most of us know we can always do better. Bring in the professionals to do an extensive all over clean, then get in there and finish what they left.

There are different areas in every room that need attention and if the entire job seems too daunting, get the professionals in to give it a good blast and then cover it with a new eye.

When you think you’ve cleaned everything, read through this cleaning checklist:

Clean all kitchen appliances inside and out. If they have shiny surfaces make them sparkle. If they are contemporary and attractive individual items, leave them out perfectly clean looking like new. If they are dated, a little scratched or just don’t enhance the kitchen, pop them away in a spacious cupboard. Don’t forget the oven extractor fan. Do the same with heaters. Inside and out. Scour all marks off the outside and even if stored in a cupboard know they are perfect for your move to your new home. Don’t forget you’re laundry appliances.


Tiles, baths, toilets, vanities, fixtures – clean and shiny. People would love to feel that the bathroom they are about to buy has never been used. Make it feel like a hotel bathroom. Remove all signs of personal hygiene, shampoos, toilet brushes, cleaning agents, extra toilet rolls. Take away personal touches such as toilet seat covers or toilet mats. Always

leave the toilet seat down – this is important for your everyday life as in Feng Shui your good luck gets sucked down the toilet if not closed! Take out all reading material. Make sure the grout between the tiles is clean and bright, if not re-grout!


As your cupboards are clutter free and organized it is easy to make sure the inside is spotless. Check inside doors and shelving. If there are stains on the shelving, cover with adhesive contact paper for a fresh clean look. Keep the paper simple. Plain white is for pure and clean. Make sure the outside and the handles are free of fingerprints and shiny. One more time ……..prospective buyers will open all cupboards and look at the state of them inside. You wish to show there is lots of storage space with lots of room in each cupboard and they are freshly painted or perfectly clean and new.


Wires, power points, extension cords. Scrub clean as well as your electronic equipment. Use your vacuum to suck out all dust from filters.


If in working order for wood fires, clean out and reset ready to be lit. Make it obvious it is a usable wood burning, fabulously romantic fireplace. Wash and bleach the brick from dark soot marks. Any fireplace utensils should be clean and look like new.


Whether carpets, hard wood, or tiles make sure you have done everything possible to show clean and well maintained. Professionally clean carpets for the look and smell of the carpet. Keep clean and fresh throughout the inspection period.


Professionally clean any dirty upholstered furnishings, dry clean or wash any occasional cushions and furniture polish any timber associated with your furniture.
Kickboards, skirting boards and baseboards.

If you’re not repainting, make sure all scuff marks and dirt are removed and don’t forget to follow these through your doorways.

Light Fixtures

Get up a ladder, dismantle and wash your ceiling lights. Wipe the dust off your lamps’ globes. Take off the outside of any wall lights and wash them in the sink with detergent. This includes all outside lighting, especially at your front door.

Mirrors And Artworks

Clean all mirrors and do not leave any streaking. Do the same with all framed artworks and wipe down all around the frames and in any crevices of ornate frames.

Pathways, Outdoor Terraces And Decks, Outside Of The Home

Power hose if ingrained with dirt or showing any signs of mould or wet and slippery areas. Make sure always free of leaves and looking maintenance easy. Don’t forget your garage and driveway for grease marks.


Not all of the human race are ‘pet lovers’, unfortunately for the human race. Therefore there should be no visible signs of your ‘best friend’ or your snuggly buggly ‘pooty tat’. Sorry.

For non pet lovers, often, if they see a sign of any four legged critters, they somehow have an allergic reaction to the property and start imagining smells etc. So make sure you:

Remove all signs of pet inhabitants – bowls, food (even in the pantry), leashes, toys. Remove your pet! Take to a friends or a pet day care centre for an hour or so.
Remove all pet smells.

Walls And ceilings

If you’re not repainting, make sure all scuff marks and dirt are removed. Remove all yellowing from cooking or smoke from ceilings. Fingerprints, smudges and get into the corners for any cobwebs. Take off all posters and stick on decorative add-ons from children’s rooms and remove all adhesive residue.


Windows help create the ‘Light and Bright’ feel to a property. This should be the last area of your property to clean – inside and out. Wait until all the work has been done and just prior to photography – clean the surrounds of the windows and sills. I would always suggest professionals for this job also. It can be very time consuming and not necessarily done well by us. Professionals however have the correct equipment and cleaning chemicals to leave no streaks and have it done in no time. Unless you are in a very hot insect ridden area, take down screens and store neatly in the garage or underneath the house where they can be seen. This will look better and let in more light.

If you are in need of a more in-depth guide to organising and styling your property for sale, take a look at our e-book Home Styling 100 DIY Tips or view the services Instant Interiors – Residential Styling has to offer.

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