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Feng Shui – Achieve Faster, Higher Priced Property Sales

Feng Shui – Achieve Faster, Higher Priced Property Sales
27 March, 2012 Melissa

How To Use Feng Shui To Makeover Your Property For Sale

Feng Shui principles are so easy to introduce. It will make the property look and feel fresh and assist you in gaining a premium price when it comes to sell. Just follow the simple tips below.


Front of House

Clean, clean, clean! Power hose the front of the house, the paths and the front fence.
Perfectly manicured garden.
Clear an obvious path to the front door.
Repaint any areas that don’t look fresh.


Lush, well developed plants, with order.
Group separate potted plants.
Show a low maintenance garden.
Clear away old furniture/barbeques and hide away dustbins.


Make sure the front door can open fully. (Invite in the chi energy completely).
Refrain from walking directly into a mirror. (All good energy reflects straight back out).
If there is space, a slim console with tall sculptural flower arrangement. (Good for agents brochures, but don’t obstruct the energy you have invited in).


Use high wattage globes in overhead and lamps – all in working order and clean.
All curtains pulled or tied back, as open as possible.
Venetians clean and open squared on.


Position furniture to maximize the room size. Make each room feel welcoming and comfortable. (The opposite to overcrowded and cluttered).
Lounges should be placed against walls. Preferably never walk into the back of a lounge.
Use mirrors in dark rooms, or to reflect views.
Remove oversized pieces.
Disguise old furniture with new cushions and throws.
Keep walking paths clear of furniture, allowing flow and relaxation in your home.
Replace old cupboard handles and knobs.


Bold and interesting artefacts only. Less is more.
Remove dried flowers and pot pourri. Your home should be a symbol of life.
New fluffy bathroom towels.
Fresh soap and bottles of oils in the bathroom.
Clean bright shower curtain.


Music – Soft lounge or classic music.
Smell – No unfriendly odours.
Fresh air – Open windows where possible.
Temperature – Cool or heat the property prior to inspections.


Clean all windows. (Bring the outside in with no obstruction).
De clutter objects. (De clutter your life).
Organise inside all cupboards and store excess. Build in storage/shelving where possible..
Plumbing – no dripping taps.
Remove all signs of household pests.
Complete all essential repairs – oil doors, cupboards/doors completely close, broken or missing tiles replaced.


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