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Organising a Furnished Home for Sale

Organising a Furnished Home for Sale
21 May, 2013 Melissa

Organising a Furnished Home for Sale


So, you have just purchased your dream home, Congratulations! Now all you need to do is sell the one you are currently in. You have decided you want to leave your old furniture behind and have a fresh start in your new home.  Great idea, not only does this cut down on your packing, but leaves you free to purchase furniture more suited to your new home. This is particularly relevant for those who are downsizing or relocating to a different state, cutting down on removalist costs. How do you go about organising your furnished home for sale? Read on…

You may be surprised to hear there are many buyers interested in a home which can be purchased fully furnished. This is especially true of those purchasing their first home. Typically they have less money to spend on buying new furniture and bundling it with the sale price is a great solution. This also comes with the added benefit of knowing the furniture already fits nicely with the layout of the home.

Knowing how to organise your furniture is going to be a huge help when it comes to promoting your house for sale. It is important that furniture is arranged in such a way that it offers plenty of open space. Too often many of us fall into the trap of filling up a room, making even a large space feeling cluttered and confined. Therefore, you may not only need to change the layout of the furniture but also remove unnecessary items. If this has you stumped, it is perhaps a good idea to bring in a friend or a professional Property Stylist to assist you with this crucial step.

If your furniture is looking on the ‘well loved’ side, adding a nice throw or covering can bring new life to a piece. Take the time to use an upholstery cleaner on it as well, not only will it look cleaner it will remove any lived in odours. Shine up any exposed timber with suitable furniture polish, remember, the more effort you put into the details the bigger the reward.

Adding colourful cushions is another inexpensive way you can make the furniture look more attractive. Avoid going too bold, however using alternate colours can give it a great look and feel. Have a play with different colour schemes before deciding on your final choice – you may be surprised with what you come up with.

Your furniture can seem off balance if you don’t have the right colour or style of curtains in a  given room. Updating your window furnishings can not only make a room feel more modern it can also introduce more light and add a feeling of airiness  Consider all options, blinds, shutters, softer coloured or sheer curtains can go a long way.

The Kitchen and Dining rooms are extremely important, they can make or break a sale. If you are going to include furniture in there it needs to look fantastic. The little touches such as adding a clean tablecloth and place mats can help potential buyers visualise sitting and sharing a meal with their family around the table.

While including the furniture with your home should be of great benefit for the buyer it will only be so if they can use the furniture. Make sure it not only looks as nice as possible but is functional and safe. Repair any broken or damaged furniture or remove it all together.

We all now agree that including furniture with your home can definitely add value to your sale price however it must look the part and be well arranged. This will directly influence potential buyers with their decision, therefore if you don’t feel confident, bring in a professional.  Instant Interiors offer pre-sale property styling consultations for as low as $220. A small investment when considering the impact it can have on your final sale price.

If you require a more in-depth guide to preparing your home for sale, take a look at our e-book Home Styling 100 DIY tips.

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