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A Simple Guide to Mirror Placement

A Simple Guide to Mirror Placement
10 February, 2016 Melissa

A Simple Guide to Mirror Placement

A stager’s perfect accessory!

With your property cleande-cluttered, and freshly painted, it is now time to accessorise. Mirrors can attract a lot more light into a room. They can reflect beautiful views, substantially increase the perceptual size of a room and see around corners before you do. They are perfect to highlight good features and can be placed on walls, ceilings, door panels and even skylights. Finding the right placement for your mirror is crucial. Think carefully about what your mirror is reflecting. You don’t want to draw attention to a cluttered area of your home. Instead, chose an attractive focal point.

  • For each and every hanging mirror or artwork, use a leveller. Looking at a crooked wall hanging will throw you off, in an otherwise well styled space.
  • Make sure you hang mirrors and don’t lean them on fireplaces or against the wall, unless they reach the ceiling and you reflect what you want to reflect – Not the ceiling.
  • Mirroring a wall in the bathroom can enhance the area and update a bathroom tremendously.

Have fun with different sized and shaped mirrors. They are a wonderful decor enhancing, space creating accessory.

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