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Working from home – How to add style to your workplace

Working from home – How to add style to your workplace
9 April, 2019 Melissa

Whether you run a home-based business or just a busy household, creating a work space keeps paperwork organised and clutter controlled, however, a home office doesn’t need to look bland and boring. Decorate it with as much detail as you would any other space and you’ll make it a place you love to be. Home office styling doesn’t have to be scary.

Installing wallpaper or stylish desk accessories instantly prevents a room from looking too ‘office-y’. Select bold statement pieces in on-trend colours.

Plenty of natural light is essential for comfort and mood – position your desk near a window and keep heavy window treatments to a minimum.

Having a place to store things away is extremely important in the home office. If you’re super organised, open shelving with neat rows of books and files will look like a designer-store display.

Comfortable home office furniture should ‘fit’ your body.  If you are a tall person, ensure that your chair and table height will be in proportioned to you using it.  Conversely for shorter people, a chair that is too high and non-adjustable may have your feet dangling like a child.  Comfortable office furniture should look great, but feel like you can sit in it for hours on end.

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