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Your Green Style Playbook Copy

Your Green Style Playbook Copy
1 August, 2019 Melissa

Your Green Style Playbook

Green connects us with nature and is symbolic of renewal and growth. It creates balance and harmony in any room, and is increasing in popularity. Director of Instant Interiors, Gail Dempsey, shares 3 simple tips on how to use green to style your home.

“There are easy ways to create a fresh look in any room of the house, and effortlessly inject greenery. Plants are a great choice, but be careful not to create an urban jungle. You do need to consider what will work for the space.”

  1. Add plants to any room – living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining – plants are so versatile. Use a tall plant, like a fiddle leaf tree, or bird of paradise in the corner of a room to frame the space and create a beautiful feature. Use smaller potted plants like succulents, or a geometric terrarium on a coffee table to give that pop of green.

  1. Cushions – A versatile way to add some green to your room without blowing the budget. Have fun with cushions featuring leafy designs, pair with block colours and a green throw. Add an artwork featuring green to finish the look and bring it all together.

  1. Paint a feature wall green. Bring some luxe in the living room with rich emerald or forest tones. For bedrooms and bathrooms, try lighter shades like mint, lime or apple. If one colour is too much, experiment with patterned wallpaper – there are some fabulous designs!

Still not sure? Ask us for some professional guidance and check out our Pinterest page for more inspiration and green looks we love.

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