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Property Styling Services

Full Property Styling

Our goal is to achieve the highest sale price for your property within the shortest amount of time. We aim to highlight and enhance your property’s best features and evoke emotion in prospective buyers. We will tailor a property styling package to suit your needs, taking into consideration your properties existing features, layout, location and the likely demographic of the buyer. Our experienced property stylists work closely with property owners, real estate agents and property developers to deliver the best possible result.

Our local warehouse is stocked with a diverse and eclectic range of furniture, artworks, accessories, artifacts and linen. We cater to a range of aesthetic tastes including contemporary, traditional and classic home styling.

Contact us to discuss your needs. Receive a free, no obligation initial quotation.

We deliver and fully install selected furniture, artwork and accessories into your property.

Once your property is sold or at the end of hire period, all goods will be collected.

Partial Property Styling

Fine tuning your home for sale by simply adding fresh linen, original artworks, extra ordinary accessories and unique furniture pieces to enhance the appeal to prospective buyers and recommendations of where to focus your time and money for maximum return.

The Online Property Stylist

By bringing us into your home, room by room, with a short brief and photographs, allows affordable, professional, creative advice, for you to act on immediately. Bullet point, step by step instructions …. suggestions, on how to create a living environment your neighbours will be envious of and your prospective buyers will fall in love with.

Enhance your own style and create the living space you desire, or ‘spruce’ up your property to gain the highest selling price. ‘QUICK + EASY’ online property styling. Affordable and accessible regardless of where you live. Fastest possible timeframe with recommendations to instantly create the feel and look you’d be happy to live in and to instantly increase your property’s value and salability. Once you receive your emailed report, you book in for a 15 minute Skype call with your stylist for any questions you may have. Once we receive your booking and brief we guarantee to be back to you within 2 working days.

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Onsite Presale Consulting

Preparing your home for sale can be an overwhelming task. While Full Property Styling is the simplest option for time-poor property owners, Onsite Presale Consulting is a great option for those who just need some guidance. For furnished occupied properties, we supply practical advice on:

How to enhance aesthetics of your property
Where and what to spend money on for the best return
Suggestions on what to declutter, furniture placement, where to hang artworks, lighting changes and additions, window and floor coverings
With our expert advice, homeowners will be equipped with knowledge on how best to present their home for sale, allowing them to take a do it yourself approach. For a more in-depth styling guide, Home Styling 100 DIY Tips downloadable ebook is available for purchase through our website.

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Tips and Advice

Use our FREE CHECKLIST as a guide to help you prepare your home for sale or download our FREE PROPERTY STYLING TIPS from The Online Property Stylist™.

On the JOURNAL section of our website, you will find practical tips, DIY guides and updates on all things interiors.

For a more comprehensive guide on preparing your home for sale, our Home Styling 100 DIY Tips ebook is also for sale on our SHOP page.

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