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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an Interior Stylist for Home Staging

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an Interior Stylist for Home Staging
21 May, 2018 Melissa
mistakes to avoid when hiring interior stylist for Home Staging

People’s interest in hiring an interior stylist for home staging is increasing. Indeed, it’s a good feeling to spruce up your home and achieve your interior visions. However, one should not be overwhelmed with the idea of revamping a house. Although it is easy to hire an interior stylist, the truth is finding a good one can be a daunting process.

Hiring an interior stylist without thorough research can lead to several mishaps. When this happens, you and your stylist’s working relationship will be greatly affected. To prevent yourself from getting a few headaches with a not-so-good stylist, here are some 8 mistakes that you should avoid when hiring an interior stylist.

1. Not Communicating Well

mistakes to avoid when hiring interior stylist for Home Staging

Whether you hire a stylist for property styling or for styling a house for sale, establishing a good working relationship with your interior stylist is always essential. Miscommunication is sometimes the reason why clients are dissatisfied with the outcome of their interior designs. To avoid this, you should know first what you’re envisioning for your home. Try looking for inspirations at Pinterest or magazines and share what you want to achieve.

2. Not Making a Background Check

This one may require very little thought, but you will be surprised how some are able to hire a stylist without cross verifying their background and portfolio of properties styled. Getting recommendations from family and friends will help you find a good interior stylist. However, the most important thing that you should do is to have a background check. Once you’re already convinced with background and all, try to ask additional questions like the usual budget for interior designing and how long a usual project lasts.

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3. Hiring an Overloaded Interior Stylist for Home Staging

It’s hard to turn down an interior stylist who has come to meet you with a stellar portfolio. However, you have to keep in mind that this type of designer may have a lot of clients and dozens of projects to work on. If this person has bigger projects than yours, it is not surprising that he or she will not give much attention to your home. However, if you are still eager to hire this stylist, you have to ask if he or she has an office and if the office has staffs who accept projects one at a time.

4. Not Setting a Budget

When working with an interior stylist to revamp your house or for home styling for sale, it is important that you set an honest and accurate budget. There are designers who end up spending all your money. Thus, it’s essential that you establish a budget before a stylist starts the project. To avoid overspending, see to it that you have included furniture costs, stylist fees, delivery charges, and taxes in your budget. It is also important that you prepare additional money for unexpected items.

5. Operating Without a Contract

A lot of money is involved in an interior designing project. For this reason, it is important that you protect yourself and your property. A contract is where responsibilities and expectations of you and the designer are written. Thus, it is necessary that you establish a contract before you start the project. Make sure that the contract is beneficial for both of you, and if there’s something that you don’t understand on the agreement, clarify it to your designer or ask a lawyer.

6. Not Listening to The Interior Stylist’s Advice

There’s no point in hiring an interior stylist if you will keep on dictating what should be done. Listen to the advice of your stylist as he or she is a skilled professional. Interior designers know what does not work and what is appropriate for your house. So trust the person and hear his or her concerns as the changes you want to make in your house will yield best results if you allow the designer to express and work peacefully.

7. Hiring A Stylist Because He or She Did Well On the Interview

There are average stylists who can pull off themselves during the interview. If this happens, you might end up hiring one without second thoughts. If you hire an interior stylist just based on how she carries herself in the interview, chances are you might not check her credibility. Remember that you will be working with that person for a long time. You have to be careful in choosing one.

8. Not Preparing for Some Unexpected Incidents

Not being able to prepare to meet the expectations is one of the most important things that worry both clients and stylists. As a client, you should take into account that your expectations may not go as planned. No matter how expert your designer is, there is always a situation that you and the stylist can’t avoid. For instance, the building process can take longer, or the shipping of your furniture will be moved the next week. Anything can happen during your designing process and you, as a client, should be patient and stay calm.


Hiring a good interior stylist will make you save both money and time. Choosing the right one for your interior designing project is a process that you should not take lightly. Follow the no-no’s above so that you will prevent some messy mistakes that you will likely experience when you hire an average interior stylist. Now you can follow us on Twitter!

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