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DIY Bathroom Storage Solutions

DIY Bathroom Storage Solutions
27 July, 2016 Melissa

DIY Bathroom Storage Solutions

To do it yourself or not?

Clever do it yourself home storage projects can create space within your home, save you money and allow you to use your creative flair. Here are some of our suggestions for household storage and bathroom solutions.


A huge plus when attracting new buyers is to show clever storage ideas.  Many are easy DIY solutions.  We will be adding different rooms of your home and tricky ways to hide clutter and store away everyday items.


Towels On Show

For a colourful, decorative touch, store towels on open shelving in the bathroom.  (Or if you need more space for linen).  The wall over the toilet is also a good place, if the toilet is well ventilated.


Easy Reach Towel

Generally, it is possible to add a hand towel rack to your vanity or add a towel knob on the wall close to the vanity.

Private Library

A magazine file, bought from any of the storage solution stores for example ‘Howards storage World’  or Ikea makes a handy holder for bathroom reading materials.  Just mount the file on the wall next to the toilet, and your private reading room is ready.  Good aesthetically and handy.  Just keep your reading matter up to date.

Up High and Out of the Way

The area above bathroom windows and doors is often wasted.  Put the space to work by installing a decorative shelf or wire shelving to store towels.

Hinge Hanger

Save space and take advantage of a door hinge mounted towel and dressing gown, shower cap rack.  Available at some hardware stores and home centres, these hinge hangers come in different sizes, materials and finishes and is easy to install.  Simply remove the door hinge pins, position the rack and reinstall the pins.  There are no holes to drill (or repair), and if you move, you can take the rack with you.

Shower Tower

Tall shower units containing multiple shelves and racks are easy to install in the corner of a bath or shower and provide a place for everything.  Great way to organise those multiple soap and shampoo bottles off the floor.


Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner

Organise your bath products (and avoid spills) with a wall-mounted push button plastic dispenser, available with one, two or four compartments.

The Good Old Lazy Susan

Not just for kitchens, bring order to your bathroom cabinet with a two-tiered lazy susan available from most home stores and kitchen supply stores.  Measure the space inside the cabinet carefully making allowance for the drainpipe clearance if necessary.  Easy to get to all you bathroom products.

Create shelving

Create storage where there once was none by adding some slim shelving.  The shelf can compliment the style of your bathroom.  Rustic wood, pine, laminate in all colours.

Need a mirror and a cabinet

Purchase a full-length mirror cabinet which can be easily installed.  The mirror increases the light and size of the bathroom and with adjustable shelves, the cabinet can stack and hide all your bathroom needs.

Stack bins

Very handy for a cabinet with height.  You can compartmentalise all your bits and pieces for easy access and viewing.

Spice Racks

Attach some spice racks on the inside of your bathroom cabinet doors if you have space inside the cabinet.  Tall bottles can fit in and save space on your vanities.

Hang some baskets

Hanging tiered baskets from the ceiling in a corner can hold all your brushes, etc toilet rolls, hand towels.  Be creative.

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