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DIY Laundry Storage Solutions

DIY Laundry Storage Solutions
21 September, 2016 Melissa

DIY Laundry Storage Solutions



Home centres, hardware shops, and suppliers of storage systems offer many different space-saving laundry items.

‘THE IRONING BOARD’ in-a-drawer, pulls out and unfolds in seconds.  The drawer opening must be at least 550 mm deep by 360 mm wide by 85 mm high.  Unfolded, the board measures about 990 mm long.  There should be at least 450 mm clearance beyond the end of the board.

The door-back ‘IRONING BOARD’, hooks securely to the to9p edge of a cupboard door and folds down for use.  A separate installation kit enables you to mount the board permanently to a door, wallboard or studs.laundry-storage-ironing-board


An ‘ironing organiser’ is a rack specially designed to hold an iron, a freestanding ironing board and other ironing paraphernalia like your starch sprayers.  You can mount the rack on a laundry room wall or in a cupboard near where you do your ironing.


‘The Laundry Rack’, being a simple washer/dryer shelf rack, is useful for an old brick-built laundry, where the solid walls make it difficult to hang shelves.  The unit is made out of 29 or 21 mm plywood and assembled with 50 mm wood screws.  To avoid having to disconnect the washer’s hoses, slide the shelf rack in place before screwing the bottom brace to the sides.  On one side add a rack on which to hang clothes as you take them out of the dryer.



SORTING BINS, are essential for any laundry room – creating order out of chaos!  Home centres offer a variety of sorting systems, such as the slide out systems in the illustration below.  You’ll need at least 3 bins, whites, colours, darks plus a fourth bin for towels and work clothes.


TOWEL RACKS upside down screwed underneath cupboards make for great drying racks or hanging clothes ready to be ironed.  Any clothes that aren’t meant for the drying can also be hung straight up from the washing machine.

PULL OUT DRYING RACKS being a little more expensive but hung against the wall taking up very little space when put away, then pulled out gives you approximately 6-8 hanging rods.

Metal Bins attached to the wall can keep rags, paper towels, all sorts of ‘stuff’!

Clear jars for your washing powder, labelled, for pegs, for extra buttons, coins that fall out of pockets make for a stylish way to store stuff that is seen.

Clear stackable plastic bins for shoe cleaning bits and pieces, sewing ‘bibs and bobs’, first aid kits and medicines, extra small tool boxes for screw drivers, pliers etc.


A small magazine/document holder, normally for your office, can be placed on a shelf where the washer/dryer, iron, steam cleaner, vacuum cleaner etc manuals and warranty’s can be kept safe, handy but out of the way.  Also place handy tips for stain removing in this holder.

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