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Focal Points in a Room

Focal Points in a Room
9 December, 2015 Melissa

Focal Points in a Room

The purpose of styling is to enhance the structure they are buying – the architecture.

Many rooms have ‘focal points’ that need to be considered when placing furniture and for making the staging of the property look real. Typical ‘focal points’ are of course where the television is, a fireplace, a fabulous window, the view of a property, the garden, architectural features of beautiful workmanship. All of which add value to your home. Therefore furniture should be placed to face these focal points without closing off pathways or crowding a room. If this is not possible then change the focal point to something else – a beautiful piece of art for instance. Furniture placement, creating a beautiful space is the most important and here lies the trick to staging properties.
Many items in rooms should not be brought to the buyers attention including:

  • Electronic cords for all the electronics in the room
  • DVD or music collections
  • Collections of any personal nature for example trophies and awards
  • Religious or the opposite, naked artworks or artefacts
  • Any political or ’cause’ matter

Once again…..and I will be repeating myself again and again about this one…… make sure your lounges, chairs and all upholstery are professionally cleaned and your occasional tables cleaned or waxed whichever applicable so they shine.

Of course worn or shabby furniture gives the wrong impression. If you have spent time and energy and money on the architecture and bones of the property, don’t let that down by old outdated furnishings. Either cover the upholstered pieces with new neutral slip covers, replace them with new furniture you can take to your next home or replace with hired furniture.
Take out excess furniture! ‘Less Is More’! Remove shelves if they make a small room look smaller. Remove large oversized cabinets or high ugly built in cabinets.

Small Spaces

To increase the space use one light paint color (creating a monochromatic space). Plain and continuous floor coverings……and of course mirrors. If necessary cover a whole wall with mirrors. Use plenty of reflective surfaces such as glass and furnish to scale using small low lying furnishings. Remove oversized pieces. Bring as much light into the room and choose plain light colored window coverings.
De clutter or Edit edit edit.

Large Spaces

Furnish to scale and make large rooms feel warm and comfortable.

  • Create a room within a room, create niches and nooks.
  • Paint the walls with darker colours, even the ceilings! Use rich colours with warm hues, subtle lighting with lamps, creating coziness.
  • Use warm fabrics on furnishings, with texture. Lots of cushions and long haired rugs – all create depth and ….more in the space.
  • Centralise the living space. Start with a rug in the middle of the room and build comfortable oversized furniture around that creating a ‘conversation spot’.
  • Create the conversation area for a group and add a one on one arrangement for one or two people.
  • Window coverings can also be more dramatic in a large room.
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