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What Does Your Home Style Say About You?

What Does Your Home Style Say About You?
4 June, 2018 Melissa
Staging house for sale

The way you dress and the food you order in a restaurant could define you as a person, and that is pretty much the same with decorating your home. Whether you are staging your house for sale or just want to spruce up your home to improve the ambience, how you decorate your home reflects who you are and how you want others to perceive you.
In this article, you will discover how some styling techniques you do at home say about your personality.

Extra Seats

When you have a wider space in your home, it’s essential that you maximise it by adding some extra seats. By doing this, it will not only accommodate many visitors, but it will also show that you like to socialise and want to entertain more people in your space. The same goes for your home or office. Having extra seats imply that you want your guests to stay a little longer and be comfortable.

Throw Pillows

Decorating your receiving area in your home and office with lots of throw pillows could mean that you like to make everyone feel at home and welcome. Having many throw pillows does not necessarily mean that you want your visitors to just sit there. It also signifies that you want them to stay as long as they want. If you want your visitors to feel comfortable and at the same time, have that welcoming vibe, put some throw pillows in your home or office space.

Bare Counters

If you want to maintain clutter-free counters, then it’s very likely that you have a type A personality. A person who has a type A personality is known to be a workaholic, productive, and is not fond of wasting their time over shallow and nonsense things. They are kind of obsessed with their time and get panicked if they have so little to spare.

So if you are working in a company, the best way to show your competitiveness and seriousness at work is to let your Type A personality shine. Maintain your table and counters clean, and store the things you want to be kept. There are many ways to achieve a clutter-free and warm space.

Soft Fabrics

By just looking at a person’s home, you can easily tell that he or she has class and belongs to ‘elite’ type. These types of people desire all the luxuries and fine things in life, and every time they want to spruce their home, they make sure that all the fabrics and curtains, for instance, are soft and sheen. So if you want to achieve a high-class look for your home or office, make sure that your fabrics state the wealth and ambience that you wish them to perceive.

Neutral Palette

All colours have at least one of the three primary behaviours, namely active, passive, and neutral. Among the three, all neutral colours are best to use for home decorations because the word “neutral” alone literally means unbiased and impartial. Any muted earthy tone is an effective home decoration strategy as it can complement with anything.

However, if neutral colours are not used strategically, this can make your home appear unstylish and boring. But in an office, any neutral decorations are a wise option as they are appealing to the eyes of many people. To ensure that the pieces and colours are coordinated in your space, it is best to hire experts. You don’t need to ask about how much does it cost to stage a house as property styling Sydney is worth every dollar.

Paint Colours

Paint colours can also tell a lot about your personality. If your walls are painted with yellow and orange, then you have a welcoming and cheerful personality. These bright colours can bring intimate feelings and increase your appetite. However, you can easily identify that a person is confident, creative, and loves to socialize if he or she is drawn to jewel stones like emerald, sapphire, ruby, and more. These people are of ‘royalty’ type and the ones who like to flaunt themselves on a red carpet.

There are also some universal truths that how we react to colours is based on how we understand the nature around us. For instance, if you desire to have pale to medium blue paint. It implies that you are calm and soothing. These types of colours give a lighter feeling to the eyes and are effective in increasing one’s productivity. Therefore, these colours are best to implement in an office if having more engaged employees is what you desire.

Staging house for sale

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are becoming a norm to modern houses as most people want to promote sociability, harmony, and a sense of togetherness at home. Moreover, if companies are open-minded in integrating open floor plans with their office space, the idea will definitely pay off. An office that is not divided by walls will make everyone feel that they are welcome and are not restricted to a specific area. This is also a great idea to make space appear larger and to promote open, airy, and bright rooms.

Eclectic Accessories

If your home decorations are perfectly coordinated with one another, then it could imply that your home tells no story, and you just purchased some of your décors according to the trend these days. Meanwhile, if you add eclectic accessories to your home or office, it will tell a lot about yourself, where you came from, and the journey you have surpassed. Eclectic accessories will show the depth of your personality and the things you are most interested in.

Vintage Statements

Adding some vintage and classic pieces to your home or office space does not only mean beauty and grace but also shows elegance and sophistication. In an office, vintage statements are effective if you want to convey people that you are intelligent and a serious type of individual. However, when at home, once people stepped inside your house, they will feel like they have visited an expensive and elite world.


Designing a home is indeed fun and exciting, but it always happens that everyone gets what they like and don’t think of how a specific piece could reflect their personality. Using these décor techniques into your home and office, hopefully will help you in designing your space while making sure that you’re able to express your individuality and personal style. Good luck and have fun with it!

Gail Dempsey … author, artist, stylist

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