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Textured Layers Copy

Textured Layers Copy
17 June, 2019 Melissa
Winter Living Room

Textured Layers

Gail Dempsey, Director of Instant Interiors – Residential Styling, shares her winning tips on creating a beautiful home this season.

“To me, the winter season is a great time to add some fun to your interior space. Adding layers builds warmth and really invites people into the home,” says Dempsey.

With temperatures dropping, and shorter daylight hours, there’s more reason for people to stay indoors.

Dempsey adds “A warm and inviting house evokes a sense of comfort and happiness. Your interior should delight the senses and create a memorable impression.

“Intelligently selecting the right textures, colours, decor and furniture can genuinely lift the spirit, making people feel happy, safe, comfortable and relaxed. Use the space to create an atmosphere to relax at home, curled up on the couch.”

Dempsey shares 5 Current Home Styling Trends:

1.     Luxurious textures, such as velvet, are on trend this season, softening the room and creating a cozy ambiance.
2.     Macramé wall art and pot hangers create instant style and are a beautiful artisan addition.
3.     Wood is the perfect winter companion. Use rustic driftwood stacks to create an interesting centerpiece; or stack logs of wood to create a visual feature in the living room.
4.     Inject some colour with knits. Knitted cushions, throws, baskets all come together to create instant warmth, and are the perfect winter companion. Think rustic orange, browns, mustard yellow, dirty pink with black or multi-coloured in autumn tones to really warm your space.
5.     Be adventurous and bold with faux fur rugs, fluffy mohair cushions, or feathered wall art. Unleash your creativity!

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