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A Guide to Natural and Artificial Lighting in the Home

A Guide to Natural and Artificial Lighting in the Home
25 November, 2015 Melissa

A Guide to Natural and Artificial Lighting in the Home


Lighting is the life force of the home. Both natural and artificial. Natural light is a prized commodity, lighting by design creates the ambience of your ‘palace’.

Ensure that:

  • All lights are working. Replace bulbs if necessary – the brighter the better.
  • Use high wattage globes in overhead and lamps – all in working order and clean.
  • Front of House Lighting: Make sure the night time look of the property is enhanced with beautiful lighting. So many prospects see ‘signboards’ at night as they are driving past and if the property is lit well the more chance of the interested passer by to come back during the day.
  • All curtains pulled or tied back, as open as possible.
  • Venetians clean and open squared on.
  • To balance light – lighting can be from above, mid-level table lamps and floor lamps and sconces – and from below, up-lights.
  • Lighting can create nooks and regions of a room with table lamps.
  • Install dimmer switches which are very inexpensive, however seen to be a extra luxury for the home. Dimmable lighting is a must, creating all the different tones for different circumstances and occasions.
  • Dark areas of a room and shadowed areas assist to make the lighting more interesting.

Avoid using bright, general lighting coming from one central source in a room, such as a mounted ceiling fixture. This doesn’t create any texture to the room at night. Gentle pools of light animate an area and draws your interest to the objects in the room the lighting is reflecting off.

Hidden lighting from behind couches or consoles create amazing effects with softness.  The flickering and romance of candles can never be forgotten. Change dirty or shabby lamp shades and give your lamps a complete lift. Change the colour of your shades and add that colour in your cushions whether in your lounge room or bedroom. This is an easy and very effective way to lift your decor.

Create The Romance and Mystique

Make sure your exterior lighting is attractive, working and highlights your property’s features.

So many prospective buyers once they have spotted your property over the internet, if interested, will do a drive by the first opportunity they can with their partner. The first opportunity would generally be at night time. Therefore as soon as the sun goes down while your property is on the market, switch on those fabulously placed outdoor lighting.

The front door is a must for illumination. Also the pathway to the door and include any up-lighting of amazing trees. Also remember, the number of your house on the street! Why don’t we illuminate where we live more often for all our visitors. If your number is currently on the outside of the brick wall at the front of the property with no night lighting, then add another large identification at the entrance to your home which your entrance light will illuminate.

Solar powered lighting is a very inexpensive and eco-friendly alternative to showcasing your pathway if the budget does not stretch too far.

Then create the ambience on the inside. Use your lamp lighting. Do not light the inside of your house up like a Christmas tree. Keep it soft, romantic and mysterious.

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