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A Successful Spring Sale Requires a Spring Clean!

A Successful Spring Sale Requires a Spring Clean!
10 October, 2012 Melissa

A Successful Spring Sale Requires a Spring Clean!

If you’re placing your property on the market now, you are doing so at the most popular time of the year for home sales. This means you have to stand out from the rest and present your property at it’s finest.

The first step is to look at your property in a different light. You are not selling to yourself. You are selling to the demographic you were when you bought the property. Scrutinise the exterior and interior of the property from a different angle. Write a list of what needs to be done. This includes fixing anything that requires it. Painting any obvious areas that let the property down looking shabby. Clear out your small personal items that have accumulated over the years. Put those away for your new home. Do the same with your wardrobes and throw out what’s looking worn or that you haven’t worn. You will be able to see and wear your favourite clothes and always look good and feel good. Clean it so it sparkles.

Open up your home and bring as much light in as possible. Take away or sell furniture that is not useful or is blocking pathways. Let the Feng Shui energy flow through your home unencumbered. Buyers will walk in and feel the positive ease of the home.

Clear the space. De-clutter. Go through your pantry, kitchen cupboards, linen shelving and throw out what is not necessary and tidy everything up. Buyers look into all cupboards. No body wants the feeling of not enough storage space. We all live with more items that we need, use or love. Be ruthless. You will be selling and moving to your new life, your new home. Don’t take anything with you that is luggage to your new life. Don’t whatever you do, pack stuff away and store it. Give it to charity or leave it on the street to be someone else’s treasure.

Clean. Clean everything. Curtains, carpet, walls, all floors. Especially bathrooms and kitchens. They can be out-dated, however if they are sparkling clean and organised with no clutter, then buyers will want to live in them. Clean the outside of the house and open up the entrance. Clean or even paint the front door Tis is the first impression it’s important. Clean all the windows inside and out. We are amazed at how much light comes in from clean windows with blinds clean and open. Remove insect screens for the sale period., this too lets the outside world in. Remove all mould from inside and outside areas. Nobody wants to live in a damp environment.

If it all seems too daunting, you de-clutter and have the professionals in to clean.

If you need some direction get a professional property stylist to come and get you motivated and on the right track for buyers. It’s worth every cent considering your home is probably your biggest asset. Start now!

If you are in need of a more in-depth guide to organising and styling your property for sale, take a look at our e-book Home Styling 100 DIY Tips.

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