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Go Black with your Interior Design

Go Black with your Interior Design
9 March, 2018 Melissa
Properties Styled Black

INTERIOR DESIGN Goes back to black.

Actually black has never, and most likely will never, go out of style. After all, black is the new black.

‘I love the drama of black – its awe-inspiring’ says me.

This article is to give my blog readers the confidence to understand what you can do with black and how easy it is to add to your current styling of your property… Go For It!

Whether you’re adding accessories, unique pieces of furniture or painting all the walls black, you can create a very stylish and elegant space using black.

Black is a colour that many people shy away from as they possibly find it overpowering, especially in small spaces. The key to working with a single colour is using a variety of finishes and layers, textures and gloss, leathers and furs, with great lighting.

Black is Sexy!

In feng shui, the use of the color black adds depth, strength and definition to any space. Because black color brings the feng shui energy of grounding and stability.

Black Home Styling Sydney

Black has the ability to elevate a space, transforming it into a chic, modern haven with grounding, powerful vibes. So go ahead and give it a try – one sweep of black won’t hurt.
I see so many of my fellow real estate stylists’ property photos with their neutral furnishings and soft palette of cushions and accessories and to me … they all look the same.

Following travelling quite a lot this past Christmas and New Year I realised the interior designers of the world are all going black.

For me black inspires eclectic taste veered towards dark colours. Inky walls emphasise other shades used elsewhere, letting the furniture, art, and decorative objects shine in the space. Be brave!

Black hallways or corridors can make a huge statement to a nonchalant bit of space. Add a contrasting array of ‘out of whack’ artworks, shelves with a collection of Vogue Fashion magazines, a fabulously coloured wall hanging or a completely oversized artwork.

A black and white cowhide rug is a must for certain living areas (besides their ease to clean).

Lighting is always a key element and especially with dark interiors. It is vital to use lighting to create the mood and feel of sophistication. Use a combination of overhead unique lighting and texture and creativity with your lamps. The ambience that a clever lighting combination creates can be edgy and one that softens the space.


  • An oversized feature wing-back leather chair invites people to sit and relax in a moody living area.
  • Side tables in black marble and black metallic gives a subtle texture shift with their alluring sheen.
  • Gold, rose gold, shiny metal accessories are bold and exciting extras with black.
  • Black taps, shower heads, cupboard handles against a neutral bathrooms makes it pop.
  • Group black framed Lithographs on a black wall
  • Plants, greenery, succulents on a rustic metal table against black
  • Black textured cushions with black accessories and greenery goes with any colour palette you already have
Black goes a long way when it comes to modernizing your space.

The strategic use of black begs for a room to be noticed!

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