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Refresh your Wardrobe Space

Refresh your Wardrobe Space
27 June, 2017 Melissa
Wardrobe design ideas

Refresh your Wardrobe Space

Does your wardrobe need a refresh? Your wardrobe is a personal space and an area that should balance function and style.

It accents your bedroom – it’s where you dress up, dress down, get comfortable, and get inspired. It is so much more than just storage, it’s the epicenter of your everyday.

Whether you have a walk-in robe, or a reach-in robe, an organised wardrobe starts with a great design.

Here are 5 key considerations when thinking about a wardrobe design refresh:

To door, or not to door?

There are pros and cons. A door-less solution is a great opportunity to create a statement and show off your superior organisational skills. Everything is presented and easily accessible, so can save you time. Doors add to the expense but also minimise dust, especially for those formal items you don’t wear every day.


Wood or laminate? Consider what your budget can allow and what the joinery is like in the rest of the house.

Can you handle it?

If you prefer a classic style, choose handles to match. Brassy knobs, provincial lines or crystal opulence for a touch of glamour. If you prefer a more contemporary style, focus on clean lines and consider soft-push doors and drawers with no handles.


Artificial light is recommended with the ultimate choice being LED sensor lighting. This will save on electricity bills, and they don’t emit too much heat. Avoid strong lights as they might discolour or even burn your clothes.

A centre light can be complemented by illuminating spaces. Consider what will work best for shelving and drawers, and rails. Strip lights are an attractive option and will give a more consistent line for these areas. Recessed lights will add to the mood and is perfect for walk-through wardrobes.

Cool or warm lights? Warm lights are more akin to natural daylight so is best for looking at clothes.


Full length, all the way! Place at the end of your closet for a practical solution when getting ready. An added bonus is the reflection will create an illusion of space, which is particularly helpful in small areas.

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