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Tips & Tricks for Styling Your Home for Sale

Tips & Tricks for Styling Your Home for Sale
21 March, 2018 Melissa
Styling your home for sale

Short sharp ‘must do’s’ when preparing for your real estate sale. If you wish to increase your property value, you need to leave a good impression on your potential customers. You can sell your property’s worth for a better price with the help of property styling. Let’s see tricks for styling your home for sale:

living room sydney property styling

CLEAN: Paths, windows, soft furnishings, carpets, light fittings.
STORE: Excess furniture, ornaments, kitchen accessories, linen, clothes. Less is More!
ORGANISE: All cupboards and wardrobes.
PAINT: Refresh tired flaky areas. Lighten up paintwork and be quite neutral with feature walls.
FURNITURE: Position furnishings to maximise the room size. Don’t block walkways. Remove the feeling of overcrowded and cluttering.
LIGHT: Window coverings open fully. Use high wattage globes in all light fittings.
MAINTENANCE: Make sure ‘everything is in working order’. Be aware of what you’ve put up with. Complete all essential repairs, squeaky doors, dripping taps, broken tiles.
PEST CONTROL: Delete any signs of household pests.
AMBIENCE: Create the mood with music, fresh air, positive smells, perfect temperature.

bedroom property styled

property styling sydney living room

By gail dempsey … writer, artist, stylist

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