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Front of House: How To Make a Good Impression

Front of House: How To Make a Good Impression
16 March, 2016 Melissa

Front of House: How To Make a Good Impression


First impressions always count. This is especially true for prospect buyers, viewing your property for sale. Even if your property is well maintained, clean and styled, if it isn’t appealing from the street, buyers will be put off.


Ensure the front of your house is clean

  • Powerhouse the front of the house, the paths, the driveway and the front fence.
  • Clean off any oil stains from garages,driveways or carports.
  • Clear away any cobwebs.

Display a perfectly manicured garden

  • Keep lawns cut, clip hedges, and Garden beds and potted plants should be weeded and kept tidy and looking healthy.
  • Ensure leaves are raked or swept.
  • Clear away council lawn and neighbours council lawn for rubbish.
  • Use mulch on all garden beds to show a low maintenance garden.

Clear An Obvious Path To The Front Door

  • Prune back any overhanging branches and get rid of any clutter.

Make Your Address Easy To Find

  • Clearly mark the front gate, letterbox and front door with the number of your property.
  • Stand out on your street. Highlight your property with front of house lighting for evening visits or drive-by’s.

Utilise Front of House Accessories

Certain accessories will make your property stand out. Be sure that they are in good condition. If they aren’t then replace them with brand new accessories. Clearly display:

  • The Number of Your House
  • An attractive mailbox
  • A welcome mat
  • External lighting
  • Landscaping

Remove any of your fabulous oversized toys. Including your boat, collection of motor bikes or caravan and arrange to leave them on someone else’s front lawn for the mean time.

The Entrance and Front Porch

  • Leave door mats at all entrances to encourage people to wipe their feet and therefore protect your carpet
  • Make sure your doorbell or intercom is working
  • Have living pot plants near, framing, or close by the entrance to your home
  • Seasonal flowers are always a welcome addition to the front of a house both visually and for an inviting scent.
  • Replace an ugly, outdating or damaged front door. Paint in a fresh bold glossy paint. Clean, polish or replace door knocker and door handle.

If you are in need of a more in-depth guide to organising and styling your property for sale, take a look at our e-book Home Styling 100 DIY Tips or view the services Instant Interiors – Residential Styling has to offer.

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