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Styling Outdoor Living Areas

Styling Outdoor Living Areas
4 May, 2016 Melissa

Styling Outdoor Living Areas


Decks, patios, outdoor tiled areas and gazebos should be seen as another living area of the home and furnished to create that image to buyers.

Power hose, re-stain, paint, refresh the flooring. Add furnishings to create the atmosphere that a lot of time and fun is had in this entertaining area. Dining table and chairs, barbeque (grill), outdoor lounge and chairs, umbrella if very sunny. Don’t over furnish however create the stage of what you want to create. Sunning, cooking, eating, lounging, entertaining, relaxing?

Add greenery to a flat boring area. Pot plants. When styling for open for inspections, add extra cushions on lounges, a clear jug of a refreshing drink and glasses on a tray, folded sun towels on sun beds.

If there are any bare boring walls adjacent to this entertaining area, add overflowing pots with creeping greenery or in season flowers flowing out of the wall pots. Friezes or outdoor wall hangings give a theme to a space.

If the back entertaining area of the home is small, add a wall of mirror or a framed mirror and create an oasis with plants.
Balconies are extensions of your living areas, whether off your lounge room or bedrooms. Always place appropriate furniture on balconies to set the scene. Is this the eating area of the balcony or the relaxed reading area. If you have three balconies, create different scenarios on each.

Only have healthy plants on balconies and not too many to take up too much room. But plants can give life to an area. I’m not keen on plants inside but to be able to look out the window at lush greenery or flowers is very attractive.

Balconies are also a fabulous area to place a mirror, or do the whole of one wall in mirror if it catches a good view. Mirrors extend the area and create an artwork with the reflection. Plants in front or artifacts on stands create an atmosphere.

Don’t forget some wonderful soft lighting also. Up-lighting certain plants, or soft lighting around the outer edge of the balcony under pebbles has the effect of extending the balcony.

The Garden

Fertilise the lawn and replace patches that don’t grow due to tree coverage. Trim edges and give the impression of easy maintenance.

  • Clean any ponds, pools or water features.
  • Keep lawns cut, clip hedges, and edges
  • Lush, well developed plants, with order
  • Garden beds and potted plants should be weeded and kept tidy Group separate potted plants
  • Ensure leaves are raked or swept
  • Oil stains in carports, driveways or garages should be cleaned Keep garages, tool and storage areas tidy and organised
  • Dress up outdoor areas with furniture or pot plants.
  • Make sure the swimming pool is looking perfect
  • Clear away old furniture/barbeques and hide away dustbins
  • Keep clothes line empty and fold away if possible
  • Check the condition of external walls, awnings, woodwork and gutters.
  • Clean or paint where necessary.


The Garage

Yes, scary thought isn’t it! Garages are for cars and look what else we’ve manage to accumulate in there.

If this is the only ‘away’ area you can put your large Garbage Bins, then they are also the only things I would suggest be in the garage. Cleaned inside and out, and odourless.

It is understood that many homes don’t have a ‘Tool Shed’ or ‘Garden Shed’ and therefore the garage is the only other covered area to put the lawn mower and garden tools. If this is the case then organise it as best possible and toss, sell, store otherwise. Keep as much off the floor and if need be build in storage or shelves to hide away clutter or organise tools. Whatever is left should be clean. Make sure the floor of the garage is clean and oil stain free.

  • Clean any windows to let as much natural light in.
  • Check the lighting and use the highest wattage globes.
  • Sporting goods, bikes hang on the walls out of the way and off the floor.
  • Dispose of old paint cans and chemicals, pesticides or rodent products.
  • Oil the garage door so it opens smoothly and noiselessly.
  • Clean ceiling of dust or cobwebs.

If it is a dark garage invest time and money into painting the walls a light neutral colour.

Visit your local large Hardware store and look at Garage or Tool Shed organisation systems. There are numerous choices and see if any would be perfect for your area and your excess Garage paraphernalia.

Think about where else to spend to achieve a higher sale price. If you are in need of a more in-depth guide to organising and styling your property for sale, take a look at our e-book Home Styling 100 DIY Tips or view the services Instant Interiors – Residential Styling has to offer.

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