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Organise your Wardrobe for Winter

Organise your Wardrobe for Winter
19 June, 2013 Melissa

Organise your Wardrobe for Winter

Winter has arrived and as you try to add your coats and jackets back into your wardrobe you realise you can’t possibly squeeze another item in. It’s time to de-clutter and get that wardrobe organised! Thankfully, Instant Interiors have a few hot tips to help you organise your wardrobe for winter. It’s never been easier to tackle that unsightly mess in your wardrobe and regain much needed space for Winter.

1. De-Clutter

Most of us find this task more unpleasant than a trip to the Dentist, however once it is complete we always ask why we didn’t do it sooner. To make this process easier we believe it is best to approach it with the 5 Option Rule;

1. Toss it
2. Store it
3. Donate it
4. Sell it
5. Keep it

Now all you need to do is organise and label 4 boxes (according to the names given in 1 – 4 above). Assess every item in your wardrobe including clothing, shoes, accessories, handbags and any other items you have stored in there and add EVERY item to one of the boxes or keep it where it is if you have decided you can’t possibly part with it.

2. Clean

With a much clearer space it is time to clean your wardrobe, wipe down the shelves and give them a spray with a room deodoriser. Make sure there is no rising damp and remove any mold present. If mold is a problem make sure you pick up a closet camel to help eliminate the problem.

3. Organise

  • Add a shoe rack if your shoes are piled at the bottom of your wardrobe. Not only is it
    easier to see what you have, it will also save space and keep your shoes undamaged.
  • Fold clothing neatly in the same size, stack on top of each other with similar items and
    colour code.
  • Baskets or draw dividers help to not only organise items such as socks, belts, scarves &
    gloves, they also help save space and make it easier to decide what to wear.

Now you have a clean and clutter free start to your Winter with plenty of space left for all the Winter bargains you will be snapping up in the sales.

All the best for your Winter wardrobe makeover.


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